Boat wrap

Boat wrap equals Awesome

A boat wrap is a special service I offer. I am not doing the actual printing nor the wrapping, but the image that you will use to wrap your boat. I have experience with boat building and have wrapped my own boat, so I know what needs to be done and what attributes the image need to fulfill to look good when wrapped. The second thing is that an image like this demands a lot both of the artist and the equipment he uses. The image I made to wrap my own 5 meter boat was in excess of 20000 pixels wide and 5500 pixels high, which is Huge.

Below you can see a short making-of. This particular image was done both with 3D-graphic and photographic elements. If you're interested in wrapping your boat I recommend that you send me an email so we can discuss what you have in mind. I prefer using only 2D-design since it makes the work easier for me and much more affordable for you.
You can also buy the image below with your own logotype and text.


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